Mold No More

Did you know that mold is a really common problem in homes that have suffered water damage? Neither did my wife and me. About six months ago we purchased a great little home in Covington. Little did we know that our awesome new home was going to make us sick.

After moving in and getting settled, we started to notice that both of us never felt quite right. We were having respiratory problems, and just feeling worn out. After trips to the doctor, we learned that we were probably suffering from exposure to mycotoxins or MOLD! Our physicians told us we needed to get our house checked for mold.

So we started Googling “Mold Remediation Atlanta”. We knew we had to get the mold out of our house, and QUCIK! After much research we settled on Atlanta Mold and Cleaning, who was ready, right away to help us find and remediate our mold problem.

Atlanta Mold and Cleaning saved the day for us. Their amazing professionals came to our home, and they quickly discovered that at one time, our amazing little home had a leaking roof. Water from the leaking roof had gotten behind some walls, creating a perfect, damp place for mold to grow.

Before we knew it, Atlanta Mold and Cleaning had taken out the bad dry wall, done a complete cleaning of the areas behind the wall, and installed new, mold-free dry wall. We couldn’t have asked for a better company to work with.

They were so professional, and walked us through every step of the process. No homeowner wants to deal with mold in their home. It’s really kind of scary to know exactly how sick it can make you. But, if you have mold and you are in the Atlanta metro area, we would highly recommend the services provided by Atlanta Mold and Cleaning.

They were top notch and did an amazing job getting our house clean and healthy in no time at all!